The Netball ACT Academy structure consists of four tiered programs which provide a daily training environment (DTE) for the individual development of talented athletes within the ACT that are considered capable of transitioning into the national athlete pathway. Details of the Netball ACT Academy structure are:


2017 – 2018 ACTAS/NACT Talented Athlete Program

The Talented Athlete Program will run from June 2017 to May 2018 and is delivered as an ACTAS Scholarship program.

The ACTAS/NACT Program is conducted as part of the Netball Australia national high-performance pathway. The components are delivered as an ACTAS Academy Program.

Millie BoehmJasmine FraserAnnabelle Marshall
Amber BrophyZoe HaselerHayley Mason
Eliza BurtonGrace HillEloise Millington
Jacoba CloughJordyn KearneyAlexandra Sengelman


Coach: Sharyn Hill

Assistant Coach: Jessica Bristol


2017 – 2018 NACT Emerging Talented Athlete Program

The Emerging Athlete Program will run from July 2017 to April 2018 and is delivered as a Netball ACT Academy program with Strength and Conditioning and additional program support provided by ACTAS.

Layla BaghatHolly HancoxEmma Stanton
Caitlin BradyMalia HarrisonLauren Thomas
Rachel GublerSamantha McPhee


Coach: Tara Steel

Assistant Coach: Lyndsey Simcoe


2017 NACT Developing Talented Athlete Program

The Developing Athlete Program will run from July 2017 to December 2017 and is delivered as Netball ACT Academy program with Strength and Conditioning provided by ACTAS.

Jessica BerryCaitlin HannaAlyssa McInerny
Emily BradyEllie HaselerGabrielle Peterson
Olivia ClarkSophie JensenAshley Scensor
Reeghan De BonoTarneka Malone


Coach: Kim Symons


2017 – 2018 NACT Academy Associate Scholarship

To allow for the support of athletes along all aspects of the player pathway in 2017 Netball ACT will offer three Academy Associate Scholarships. These scholarships will run from July 2017 to April 2018, providing athletes with support through Netball ACT Academy programs with Strength and Conditioning support provided by ACTAS.

Leigh KalsbeekSophie ImmonenNalani Makunde


Coach: Sharyn Hill