2015/16 Academy Athletes Announced

Netball ACT is pleased to announce an update to its athlete pathway in collaboration with its key program stakeholders Netball Australia and the ACT Academy of Sport (ACTAS).  Changes to the current pathway will ensure that Netball ACT Academy programs continue to evolve and align to Australia’s Winning Edge – High Performance strategy with minimal impact on the day to day service delivery to athletes across all levels.

By providing additional structure and information around athlete tiering, Netball ACT hopes to provide a clear and concise pathway that provides the appropriate level of support and servicing for athletes at each level.

Athlete Pathway JUNE 2015

Netball ACT is committed to selecting athletes whose current performance indicates physical, tactical and mental potential to progress through the athlete pathway and who are committed to their development as an elite netballer.

Netball ACT is pleased to announce the following athletes have been selected in 2015 – 2016 Athlete Programs.


2015 – 2016 ACTAS/NACT Talented Athlete Program

The Talented Athlete Program will run from June 2015 to May 2016 and is delivered as an ACTAS Scholarship program.

The ACTAS/NACT Program is conducted as part of the Netball Australia national high performance pathway. The components are delivered as an ACTAS Academy Program.

Alana Bowyer Sophie Immonen
Georgia Clayden Leigh Kalsbeek
Jacoba Clough Annabelle Marshall
Joanna Collis Alison Miller
Zoe Haseler Carly Symons


2015 – 2016 NACT Emerging Talented Athlete Program

The Emerging Athlete Program will run from July 2015 to April 2016 and is delivered as a Netball ACT Academy program with Strength and Conditioning and additional program supported provided by ACTAS.

Millie Boehm Grace Hill
Jamie Clayden Nalani Makunde
Molly Dickson Alexandra Sengelman
Maddie Dwyer Breanna Toze
Katie Halse


2015 NACT Developing Talented Athlete Program

The Developing Athlete Program will run from July 2015 to December 2015 and is delivered as Netball ACT Academy program with Strength and Conditioning provided by ACTAS.

Lelia Basic Laura Kalsbeek
Brigitte Bishop Grace Plunkett
Jasmine Fraser Brittney Reynolds
Rachel Gubler Madison Robinson
Erin Hickson Olivia Spillane


Additional program information will be emailed through to all athletes from Netball ACT and ACTAS within the next few days.