2016 Canberra Darters – Event Supplement


In 2016 the Canberra Darters will be participating in an expanded Australian Netball League competition that will be run concurrently with the ANZ Championships.  Starting in late April the Canberra Darters will play each team twice over an eight week period before concluding with the Final Series in late June. It is for this reason that Netball ACT has bought forward both the athlete nomination and selection process for the Canberra Darters to run in conjunction with the 2016 ACT State Teams.


In line with clause 5.1 of Netball ACT Athlete Selection Policy published on 04 September 2015, Netball ACT would like to inform all eligible athletes of the publication of the 2016 Canberra Darters Event Supplements.

The Event Supplement outlines all important information including; nominations process and selection activities required to be completed by athletes wishing to be considered for selection.

It is recommended that all athletes carefully read the following Event Supplement’s in conjunction with the Netball ACT Athlete Selection Policy.


Canberra Darters 2016 ANL Event Supplement


For any questions or enquires regarding the 2016 Canberra Darters and the Event Supplements please contact Netball ACT via email at highperformance@netballact.com.au