2019 Indigenous Sports Programs Grants


Netball ACT has again received funding to support Indigenous participants of netball with registration, education and training and representative costs for the 2019 season. The grants are designed to provide opportunity for participation in sport and recreation and to make these more accessible to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Indigenous Sports Grants Program (ISGP) allows for individuals to apply for funding up to $200 from Netball ACT. There are three grant opportunities available for individuals to apply for;
1 > Individual Sports and Active Recreation Grant
An individual can apply for up to $200 to support their participation in an organised sports or active recreation competition or program of at least 6 weeks in duration.
2 > Individual Education and Training Grant
An individual can apply for up to $200 to support their participation in an education and training opportunity that relates directly to organised sport or active recreation.
3 > Individual Representative Grant

An individual can apply for up to $200 to support their participation in a representative sporting opportunity.
Applicants can receive funding through the ISGP up to twice for the period if one of the two allotments of funding are received for an Individual Education and Training Grant.
Netball ACT encourages applicants to complete the 2019 request form by selecting the link below. Completed grant applications should be returned to player district associations for approval before they are submitted to Netball ACT. Support to complete ISGP grant applications can be provided by the team at Netball ACT or by your player district association.
Netball ACT will review all ISGP applications and will notify applicants within a 10-day approval period. Once an outcome has been communicated approved and requested funds will be transferred directly to the district’s bank account. District associations are responsible for allocating the required portion of funds to a specific club and player if and/or when required.
Approved ISGP funding applications for Netball ACT Representative programs will have player invoices reduced dependent on funds requested, and no direct transfers will occur.

Applications for the ISGP grant close June 30th, 2019.

For all enquiries regarding this funding, please contact Lachie O’Sullivan – lachie@netballact.com.au


Click here to download the funding guidelines