Meet the Canberra Classics


Meet the Canberra Classics Team, heading to the World Masters Games which is held in Auckland, New Zealand 21-30 April.

The World Masters Games is the world’s largest multi-sport event. Held every four years, it is the pinnacle sporting event for masters competitors worldwide. In supporting the Olympic Games ethos of ‘sport for all’, the goal of the World Masters Games is to encourage participation in sport throughout life. 

Coach Di Evans stated “this group of women have been playing netball for decades. We have supported each other through the good times and the bad, and we appreciate what the sport does for us – fitness, participation, friendship and camaraderie”.

Di reflects on the teams oldest member, Theresa Van Heuzen ”at the ripe age of 78 years, Theresa has always played with a smile on her face and never complains. Theresa shoots with an individual style, but is incredibly accurate has been an amazing role model for our sport. She has only missed a few Masters Games over the past 25 years”.

“There have been three Classics teams in the past, with the best result a World Championship title. We are looking forward to getting over the New Zealand and we are hoping to claim our title”.

If you ever wanted some motivation behind your training and competition schedule, let these women inspire you! Their experience and knowledge is impressive;


Trish Eames: Founding Member of Canberra Classics Netball Team from 1991 to present day. Part of the Organising Committee for Masters Netball for the ACT in 1997 and 2003. Competed and won gold, silver, and bronze in Masters Netball, Squash and Touch.

Sharyn Medwin: Founding Member Classics Netball Team, National B Badge Umpire, past President of Belconnen Netball Association, past Board Member of ACTNA and awarded Australian Sports Medal 2000 for services to ACT Netball.

Robyne Houston: Arawang Netball Association Life Member, past Arawang Netball Association President, national B Badge Umpire, Arawang Netball Association Committee Member for 38 years, Netball ACT Life Member, Arawang Netball Association Representative Coach of all ages.

Betty Pearson: Victorian Netball Representative from 1970 to 1978, national A Badge Umpire, ACT Senior Representative both Netball and Softball from 1978 to 1982.

Lorraine Jansen: Arawang Netball Association Life Member, coached Arawang Netball Association representative junior teams, Arawang Netball Association selector and committee Member, national C Badge Umpire, ACT Representative player and State League player.

Trish Flanigan: Arawang Netball Association Life Member, national C Badge Umpire, previous Royals Senior Coach, State League Coach and Player, ACT Selector, Arawang Netball Association Selector, Committee Member, Representative Coach and Player. Australian Sports Medal Holder.

Carmel O’Keefe: Tuggeranong Netball Association Committee Member, Tuggeranong Netball Association representative selector and rep coach. National B Badge Umpire, Umpire Coach, Classics Member since 1993. Masters Games Gold Coast, Central Australian Masters Games Alice Springs, World Masters games in Melbourne 2002 and Sydney 2009.

Kathy Anderson: NSW Night State team, Player, Coach and Executive Committee Member at Parramatta-Auburn Netball Association, senior representative and Inter District.  Junior and Senior Representative Coach, plus NSW State Schoolgirls Team. Arawang Netball Association junior coach and selector. OAM for services to youth re Netball, Girl Guides, Duke of Edinburgh Weston Creek Soccer and Woden Valley Gym.

Joy Van Zetten: Represented at state level in New Zealand, played socially in Victoria and since 1982 in Noosa Heads. Coached in Noosa, administrative roles, local club representative at state competitions. Joined Canberra Classics in 2008, Joy has played in all except one Master Games for Classics since then and still play for the local Noosa team.

Margaret Murphy: National B Badge Umpire, Parramatta-Auburn Netball Association State League Representative and Junior Representative Team coach. Newest member of the team at 60 years of age!

Marie Seabrook: Marie has been playing in Australian Masters since the first Masters in 1993, and the 2009 World Masters in 2009. Marie has played all over the country in Masters Games.

Wendy Ryan: At the age of 16 years old Joyce Brown (Australian Coach) asked Wendy to play for her State League Championship Division 1 team, then asking Wendy to join the Australian Squad. Wendy Played for Victoria for six years. Wendy has coached at local, regional and state league championship level Netball Victoria and is also a Coaching Specialist for Netball Victoria.

Theresa Van Heuzen:  Therese was a foundation member of the Canberra Classics when formed in 1991 with a view to competing in the Central Masters Games in Alice Springs in October, 1992.  She originally played GD for many years before joining Classics, but had gradually made the move to GA/GS and those were the positions she played for Classics.

In the past couple of campaigns she has been unfortunate to sustain a serious injury to several fingers in Geelong and last year suffered a severe ankle and wrist injury at the Gold Coast.  She has understandably decided to reluctantly stop playing (at the age of 78), but is now an enthusiastic supporter on the sidelines of our Tuesday night games.


On behalf of Netball ACT we wish you all the best at the upcoming World Masters Games!