Netball ACT Athlete Selection Policy

In line with clause 28.4 of the ACT Netball Association Incorporated Constitution, the Board of Netball ACT would like to inform the Members of a change to Netball ACT By Law 08/06 – ACT Representative Team Selection Protocol. By resolution of the Board on Tuesday, 1 September 2015, Netball ACT By Law 08/06 – ACT Representative Team Selection Protocol was rescinded to be replaced by the Netball ACT Athlete Selection Policy.

The introduction of the policy resulted from a changing high performance environment. Over the years as Netball ACT’s programs have grown and with the inclusion of the Netball ACT/ACTAS Academy, the by-laws have become out of date and not always practical to implement. Furthermore, the Canberra Darters and the academy programs are not officially covered by any existing By Law.

In an attempt to provide consistency across all programs, the following Netball ACT Athlete Selection Policy has been implemented. This policy is a combination of the existing By-Laws, information packs that have been drafted to address gaps in the By-Laws and practices that have become common in the selection of Netball ACT Athletes. Consultation in drafting the policy was sought from Netball ACT’s key stakeholders, that being ACTAS and Netball Australia, the Netball ACT Coaching Technical Advisory Group and selected senior athletes with all feedback incorporated into the final policy.

The policy is has now been posted on the Netball ACT website located in the By-Laws and Policy Documents section and is released for public distribution.

Netball ACT Athlete Selection Policy



Further work will occur in the coming months to address the selection of representative team and academy coaches as well as reviewing the appeals policy.