Off the court with Krystle Tate

As the Canberra GIANTS prepare for their big finals campaign this Saturday, the management team are working tirelessly behind the scenes to provide the team with the best opportunities leading into the weekend. One of the pivotal team members is Performance Analyst and Strength and Conditioning Coach Krystle Tate.

Krystle comes from Netball ACT’s high performance partner, the ACT Academy of Sport (ACTAS). Talent and Performance Manager Nicole Bowles states that Krystle’s work is crucial to the team’s success the work Krystle dose behind the scenes to physically prepare athletes for the demands of netball, coupled with the work she does as our performance analysist – coding, edit and film matches for coaches and athletes to then analyse, is critical to our on court performance. People often under estimate the amount of time and work that goes into analysing a game of netball”.

“With the DUANL competition format being two games in a weekend the demand to turn around analysis in a short timeframe is paramount to changes in performance. Along with ensuring the athletes are physically prepared to handle two fast paced and strongly contested games of netball. Without Krystle’s dedication, professionalism and netball knowledge the Canberra GIANTS would be behind the eight ball in our preparations and performances” Bowles said.

We catch up with Krystle before the finals and chat about her involvement in our sport;

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got involved in strength and conditioning and performance analysis;

I visited the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) during my Year 6 school excursion. When I was going through the tour, I was intrigued as to how athletes jumped higher, ran faster and performed at their best. Growing up playing sport and going to the AIS helped me want to investigate further into finding the path to becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love my job, I get to wake up every day and help athletes build their physical capacity to optimise their performance and I couldn’t think of anything better I would rather do. It is very satisfying to see the smallest achievement of a personal best in the gym to the largest achievement of being selected to represent your country.

What other sports do you work with in the ACTAS program?

I work with Para triathlon, shooting and athletics along with netball. It is a mix of sports and I love it as it helps bring out the creative side of strength and conditioning. It also helps me find different ways to help develop athletes using tools from other sports.

What is your most memorable moment? 

My most memorable moment in my life is having the opportunity to work on a cruise ship as a Fitness Instructor and travel the world. Best places were Alaska and Antarctica.

If someone was interested in getting involved in strength and conditioning or performance analysis what advice would you give them?

It is all about experience go out and volunteer with a local team; learn as much as you can, get a mentor. Knowledge is essential but practical experience is Key.


On behalf of everyone at Netball ACT and the Canberra GIANTS we thank Krystle for the long nights and tireless work she does behind the Canberra GIANTS to ensure we are at the top of our game.