SolarHub storage systems

Energy storage systems continue to increase in popularity in the ACT as more homes and businesses are looking to escape rising electricity prices, and capitalise on our long sunny days. By capturing the excess energy generated through your solar system, energy storage systems can store it for later use such as during the night or during periods of high demand. This makes energy storage systems a great option for many solar consumers who may not be home during the day, allowing them to store and use the excess solar energy they generate before sending it back to the grid.

The ACT is home to one of one of the most ambitious renewable energy targets within Australia, aiming to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2020. This has consequently allowed the ACT to be one of the best environments to invest in energy storage as initiatives have been put in place to help reach these targets, including a very popular residential energy storage roll-out.

The ACT Government’s Next Generation Storage Grants program aims to facilitate the uptake of battery storage in the ACT. The program will support the roll-out of around 36MW of distributed battery storage in more than 5000 homes and businesses by 2020. This is one of the largest roll-outs of distributed solar battery storage technology in the world.

SolarHub continue to offer subsidies under the ACT government’s Next Generation Storage Program to homes and businesses within the ACT. Offering both retrofit and all-in-one solutions for their battery options, SolarHub can also offer additional monitoring technologies, including software from Canberra-based company Reposit Power. These technologies, coupled with energy storage systems, allow customers to not only store their excess energy, but to learn about their usage habits, track them, and find the best way to utilise their energy, so as to maximise their solar.

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