Sporting Schools Program

Smiles All Round at Black Mountain School


In anticipation of the Netball Program about to start, you won’t meet a happier group of kids than the kids at Black Mountain School in O’Connor.

As the Development Coaches walk into the hall, equipment in toe, a hush falls over the room while teachers and support staff gather the kids up into a group on the edge of the stage. Netball is a favourite sport among some of the students, as well as the Coaches.

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“The kids at Black Mountain have some of the best attitudes of any students I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It’s always my favourite school to go to!” – Ja’mie Horrobin, Netball ACT Development Coach

The favourite games include;

  • Tail tag
  • Rob the nest
  • Wicked witch

When asked why ‘Rob the nest’ was a favourite a resounding response was;

Well we get to steal things from other people and we don’t get in trouble”

Netball ACT has been running programs at Black Mountain School for numerous years, with the enthusiasm growing over the years. Many who have pleasure participating in the Netball Clinics in previous years; appear nostalgic watching the Participation medals being awarded during the last week of the program.

Sporting Schools has enabled Black Mountain to get Netball coaches in to run programs for longer periods of time than previous years, which only brightened the smiles of all involved.


(Netball ACT Development Coach: Emily Clark)