Netball is the most popular women’s sport in Australia with an estimated 1.2 million participants nationwide.

Netball is based on general movement and ball skills, and its structured format, which places restrictions on the areas of the court into which a player may go, means that it is truly a team game. With minor modifications to the rules with regard to mobility, equipment and decision-making, netball can offer the rewards of social connectedness, cooperation, fitness and fun to almost anyone who wants to take part.

Junior sport participation has many benefits, such as contributing to health and wellness by providing increased activity levels and reducing stress, and helping to build a positive self-image. It also offers a range of social benefits such as:

  • Developing life skills (for example, communication, concentration, commitment)
  • Learning responsibility and discipline
  • Learning how to work with others in team environments
  • Learning to cope with success and failure
  • Developing a sense of community, loyalty and cohesion
  • Helping gifted players become aware that they are role models for others.

NetSetGO is Netball Australia’s only authorised junior entry-level program, developed to provide children aged from 5–10 years with the best possible introduction to the sport of netball. The program incorporates skill activities, dance/music, minor games and modified matches in a fun and safe environment, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation within the sport.


To look at the different options for your children, view our 2017 Parents Handbook HERE.