All Accreditation’s, Foundation through to High Performance are valid for a period of 4 years from the date the accreditation was awarded.

There are many ways to update an accreditation, the first is to move up the coaching pathway and attain the next level of accreditation. Coaches may also re-attend a course at the same level to maintain that level of accreditation.

Finally you can complete a logbook with pre-defined number of points/hours to retain an accreditation. For breakdowns of the number of points/hours for each accreditation please refer to the Coach Update Log Book at MyNetball.

Applying for Recognition of Current Competencies for Coach Accreditations

To apply for Recognition of Current Competencies, candidates must apply in writing to Netball ACT to demonstrate they are competent in the learning outcomes of the relevant training program. Supporting documents providing evidence of relevant education, qualifications and experiences must be provided.

Recognition of Current Competencies will be awarded at the discretion of Netball ACT in conjunction with Netball Australia. If a coach is awarded an accreditation but then fails the practical component for the next level of accreditation, they must return to the previous accreditation and complete the full process.

If you require further information or have any questions please contact;

Foundation and Development Coach Accreditations

Intermediate, Advanced, Elite and High Performance Coach Accreditations for

Or ring the Netball ACT offices on (02) 6241 4088