Netball Australia have developed a community based umpire toolkit and is your one stop shop to access over 25 games and activity cards designed to assist you in delivering fun, interactive umpire education sessions.

Who is it for?

The Community Umpire Toolkit is a resource designed to assist umpire convenors and umpire coaches (umpire educators) to teach the rules of netball in a fun and interactive way. The toolkit provides nationally developed, contemporary resources aimed at supporting and complementing existing introductory or beginner umpiring programs and initiatives. The Community Umpire Toolkit provides many opportunities to incorporate the activities into existing programs or develop an introduction to the umpiring program for the first time.

How does it work?

The Community Umpire Toolkit has been developed with two key objectives in mind:

  • To provide umpires with a basic knowledge of the rules of the game and umpiring techniques through the provision of fun and engaging classroom based activities.
  • To provide umpires with the opportunity to apply the rules of the game and practise their umpiring techniques in a safe and supportive games-based environment.

Umpire educators have several choices for creating fun and motivating sessions and can either choose to design their own programs and incorporate activities from the toolkit into the sessions or follow the suggested program structure.

The Community Umpire Toolkit is not a course or structured program and does not seek to replace the Foundation Umpire Course, but rather to support the development of the beginner umpire in a fun and interactive environment and complement the learning and development journey.

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