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Player Stats

  • DOB 05/04/2001
  • Height 177cm


Association: Queanbeyan Netball Association

When/how did you first get involved with netball: 2009, both of my older sisters played so I started playing as soon as I could (under 8’s)

Previous representative teams: Queanbeyan Representative teams, South East Region Netball Academy, ACT U15 school girls 2016

Nickname: Em

Favourite food: Anything with passionfruit and mums pesto pasta

What is your favourite pre-game ritual: I tape my wrist and write something on it and I redo my bow…… oh and I have to check Caitlin has everything!

What is your favourite netball memory of all time: Winning State Age

Stranded on an island, what are your 3 essential items: Hair bow, phone, water

Your sporting idol: As a netballer, I have always idolised Kim Ravaillon as a centre court in the Australian Diamonds, but my ultimate sporting idol is Brad Haddin. His and his families resilience in the face of adversity is one I immensely admire. It is a quality that I aspire to both on and off the court.

What do you do when you’re not on the court: Baking

Why are you excited to represent the ACT on home soil in 2017: I am excited to represent the ACT on home soil because it is a great chance for my family and friends to come and see what myself and the whole team have been working towards. I am representing ACT for the first time in my netball career on home soil, what could be more exciting!