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Player Stats

  • DOB 18/07/1998
  • Height 176cm


Association: South Canberra Netball Association

When and how did you first get involved in netball: Kindergarten back in 2003

Previous representative teams: u15 ACT (2014), U17’s (2015), U19’s (2016),

Nickname: Gracie

Favourite food: Watermelon

What is your pre-game ritual: Make sure I have my sweatband and listen to my pump up playlist

What is your favourite netball memory of all time: Winning junior champs with a broken wrist

Stranded on an Island, what are your 3 essential items: Watermelon farm, my dog, surfboard

Your sporting idol and why: Stephen Curry; his endless dedication and pure determination is a true representation that if you put in the hard work the results will speak for themselves.

What do you do when you’re not on the court: Going on adventures with friends, spending time with family, hanging out with my dog!

Why are you excited to represent the ACT on home soil in 2017: It is a great opportunity to show the rest of Australia how we do it in the nation’s capital and finally exhibit the numerous hours of training we have all dedicated every week. Also it will be an incredible chance for us to really use our homecourt to our advantage with the ability to have even more of our supporters with us in person!