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Player Stats

  • DOB 04/03/2001
  • Height 180cm


Association: Canberra Netball Association

When and how I first got involved in netball: I was 7 years old when i realised I was a terrible soccer player and my mum signed me up to play netball on Saturdays

Previous representative team: ACT U/12 & U/15

Nickname: Lala

Favourite food: Mango

Pre game ritual: Lucky shot (nothing but net)

Favourite netball memory of all time: winning the ACT junior championships after 4 years of playing in grand finals

3 essentials stranded on an island: a giant box of matches, phone, food

Sporting idol and why: Sharni Layton. She’s such a confident and fearless player and isn’t afraid of taking risks

When I’m not on the courts: spending time with friends, rowing and sleeping

I’m excited to represent ACT on home soil: because i know I will have the support of my friends and family on the sideline