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Player Stats

  • DOB 28/01/2000
  • Height 188cm


Association: Belconnen Netball Association

When and how did you first get involved in netball: My mum was a player so it runs in the family

Previous representative teams: U15 School Sport 2015 and U17 Nationals 2016.

Nickname: Sam or Sammy

Favourite food: McDonalds

What is your pre-game ritual: Visualising in my head what I’m going to do out on court, relaxing and a good pump up song

What is your favourite netball memory of all time: There is too many to narrow it down to just one

Stranded on an island, what are your 3 essential items: My bed, 3002 chicken nuggets and sweet ’n’ sour sauce of course

Your sporting idol: Sharni Layton, because she works so hard for the sport we all love

What do you do when you’re not on the court: Sleep, eat and sleep

Why are you excited to represent the ACT on home soil in 2017: Its always pretty awesome representing the ACT, but playing at home just makes it that extra bit special