Canberra clinch 2019 Premiership Title in HCF State League

It is the perfect season that teams often dream about. Few will ever achieve it.


For Canberra Netball Association the dream became a reality when they clinched the 2019 HCF State League Division One title in a physical contest with Arawang Netball Association at the SolarHub Netball Centre.

Rivalry and redemption were at play as the two giants of the Division 1 competition took to the court. In a fast moving game Canberra were quick to take the lead and control of the game and at the end of the first quarter were up 20-10 on the scoreboard.

Through a tenacious mid-court Canberra extended the lead further in the second quarter, dominating Arawang and capitalising on errors. By the half-time the score had extended to 42-25 and the game looked firmly put away for Canberra.

Half-time changes to the Arawang defense and mid-court, including captain Leigh Kalsbeek and Eliza Burton were made in an attempt to slow the pace of the Canberra attacking group and the feed into Canberra GS Nalani Makunde who had an outstanding game with 52 attempts and 51 goals (98%).

Momentum of the game shifted in the second half back towards Arawang, clawing back the deficit and effectively winning both the third and fourth quarters with impressive combinations from Maddie Robinson, Hannah Flaherty and Emma Walmsley-Stonehouse. Canberra made a late adjustment to their defensive team in the fourth quarter with 10 minutes remaining in the game and were able to hold on to a comfortable win 62-52 over last years Premiers.


Congratulations to Canberra Netball Association on winning the 2019 Division 1 HCF State League.


Team Lists

Canberra Netball Association

Nalani Makunde

Amy Pascoe (C)

Tamara Weatherburn

Grace Hill

Georgia Batholemew

Caitlin Brady

Simone Coote

Reserves: Meg Sokic, Gemma Robinson, Emily Brady, Kiah Yealland

Coach: Tara Steel

Manager: Nat Crowe

Primary Carer: Matt Hill


Arawang Netball Association

Maddie Robinson

Emma Walmsley-Stonehouse

Leigh Kalsbeek (C)

Eliza Burton

Annabelle Marshall

Millie Boehm

Jordyn Kearney

Reserves: Hannah Flaherty, Renae Pickering, Jamie Clayden, Johanna Rusden

Coach: Kim Symons

Assistant Coach: Melina Saunders

Manager: Kim Rice

Primary Carer: Amara Thomson


Umpires: Amanda McLachlin, Jeremy Spindler

Reserve Umpire: Grace Underwood