Netball ACT Announces New Franchise in 2020 NNSW Premier League Competition



Netball ACT today announce an expansion to their elite netball program with the launch of the Capital Spirit into the 2020 Netball NSW Premier League competition.


The franchise announcement follows a twelve-month strategic expansion planning project with Netball ACT proving successful after an intensive vetting process, with other key regional areas also vying for a license to compete. In what has been a key strategic shift for Netball ACT over the last 18 months, this new franchise marks an era of growth and performance for the organization as the key governing body for netball in the ACT.

The Netball NSW Premier League competition unlocks a new and exciting connection for the HCF State League providing a local, elite platform for players, coaches, officials and administrators, and bridging opportunities to the Deakin University Australian Netball League (ANL), the feeder competition to Suncorp Super Netball. Netball NSW CEO and Premier League Commissioner Carolyn Campbell says of the connectivity between the levels of competition;

“We have seen ANL teams reach Grand Finals over the past few years and I think the level of netball they are exposed to in the Premier League helps with that.”

“As a result, our players are in a better position to step up should they be called into the Canberra GIANTS- or even the NSW Swifts or GIANTS Netball in the level beyond that”.

Louise Bilston, President of Netball ACT said of the franchise announcement;

“Our organisation has worked towards being in a strong commercial position and to actively focus on the delivery of a competitive and well-structured Premier League franchise.”

“We have a passionate and engaged community that we know will embrace this exciting new chapter of the Netball ACT story”.

Licensed to compete in the 2020-2021 seasons, the Capital Spirit will be the first Canberra based netball franchise in the Netball NSW Premier League competition and will deliver sustainable and competitive pathway development for talented netball players from the ACT, along with the opportunity to excel without the taxing travel schedule that many players have faced up to this point.

With over 10’000 registered players in the ACT, there has been a growing need to expand elite pathway opportunity in order to meet the future of the sport with a projected 20,000 registered players by 2028 as Canberra continues its strong and diverse population growth.

Nicole Bowles, Acting General Manager for Netball ACT was clear on the benefits that this new level of competition will have within the ACT development pathway;

“Inclusion of The Capital Spirit into the Netball NSW Premier League will provide greater opportunities for ACT based athletes into the elite netball pathway and will allow Netball ACT to successfully deliver this strategic priority to our netball community.”

Bowles goes on to add;

“Netball ACT has a proven history of developing a number of talented athletes who have played within the Netball NSW Premier League. In 2018 we recorded the highest number of athletes to date, with 12 athletes playing across Premier League franchises.”


Inspired by the iconic “Ethos” that resides in front of the ACT Legislative Assembly Building, the franchise will be defined by the same characteristics- spirit of a culture, era and community, manifested in its beliefs and aspirations. Elements of the franchise branding will have distinct ties to ACT history including the state flower, the Brindabella Ranges and “Ethos” itself.

“We were quite purposeful in our design and branding of the Capital Spirit franchise” said Hayley Lia, Marketing and Communications Manager for Netball ACT.

“Our vision has always been to develop a team brand that resonates broadly within the community, that identifies independently of any other sporting body in the region and that has strong awareness and recognition- we want to be authentic to the ACT”.


The franchise will be officially unveiled in November 2019, including the appointment of the inaugural Head Coach and Leadership team.