Netball ACT Announces New Social Media Award

Netball ACT are excited to announce the addition of a new Social Media Award the NETFIT x NACT Social Media Award highlights the positive role that social media can take within our sport and community.

Social Media has evolved and enhanced the communication between sporting organisations and the community. The level of connection that social media delivers, along with an immediate gratification for content has made this platform a connection point between our sport and our community, allowing us to tell our story in a vivid and instant format.

The NETFIT x NACT Social Media Award highlights the growing importance of social media within the management and promotion of our sport, and the ever creative and positive ways our sport can be promoted through social media platforms. Alongside our partner NETFIT, we are looking for individuals who have demonstrated a positive social media contribution connected to netball.

This award is available to any registered Netball ACT member with an active social media platform.



  • Eligibility for the Social Media Award will be based on the following;
  • Current registered Netball ACT Member
  • Instagram or Facebook user
  • Must follow both Netball ACT and NETFIT social media channels at a minimum (Instagram)
  • Over the age of 16 years as at the 22nd of November 2019
  • Public social media accounts


The Social Media Award will be judged on the following criteria;

  1. Positive netball messaging and promotion- demonstrated with at least 10 examples within the last 6 months (50%)
  2. Creative and engaging content (25%)
  3. A focus on empowerment and positiveness (15%)
  4. Health and well-being (10%)

Examples should be included with the submission form to Netball ACT along with tagging to specific references #NETFITNACT

The 2019 winner will be required to be available to promote both NETFIT and Netball ACT for a period of 12 months as a social media ambassador for both organisations.



The NETFIT x NACT Social Media Award will be reviewed by a panel of judges from both Netball ACT and NETFIT. The panel will assess all submissions independently based on the criteria outlined, weighting each item to determine an overall score. The winner will be notified via written email of the outcome.

The judging panel will review overall content to ensure the winner meets the brand standards of both organisations.



A single winner will be determined by the judging panel for the 2019 Award.

The winner once confirmed will be eligible for the following prizes (not transferable, refundable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize).

  1. A one-year subscription to NETFIT (value $119 AUD)
  2. A professional photoshoot with Sarah Wall and Kim Green in Canberra (value $250 AUD)
  3. A Netball ACT Social Media Award trophy presented at the 2019 Netball ACT Presentation Evening

The winner will also become a 2019/2020 Social Media Ambassador for Netball ACT and NETFIT.

Submissions close October 31st at 5pm.

The winner will be presented at the Netball ACT Presentation Evening on Friday November 22nd.

Please refer to our NACT Volunteer Recognition and Awards Policy