NetSetGo Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Program Announced

Netball ACT and Khaamburra Netball are excited to announce a five-week NetSetGo program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students aged five to 12 years of age at the SolarHub Netball Centre.

This five week series based on the PLAY Netball NetSetGo program will focus on skill development for players from beginners to those more experienced. The NetSetGo program is a great way for all children to become active, develop fundamental netball skills and learn the value of teamwork. The tiered approach provides a steady progression for participants as they feel more confident with their skills.

Starting March 28th, participants will meet every Thursday at the SolarHub Netball Centre for a 45 minute training session, with afternoon tea provided. Every session will be overseen by Netball ACT Development and a junior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mentor coach.

The program is fully subsidised by both Netball ACT and Khaamburra Netball, with no cost to any participant.

If you are interested in attending the program, please contact;

Khaamburra Netball

0416 315 240