2021 Indigenous Sports Grant Program

Funding for the Indigenous Sports Grants Program (ISGP) is provided to the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council through the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s (DPM&C) Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS).

The ISGP supports the IAS’ Safety and Wellbeing Programme by providing assistance to Indigenous Australians to enjoy similar levels of physical, emotional and social wellbeing enjoyed by other Australians by fostering the ability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to engage in education, employment and other opportunities.
The ISGP for Netball is administered by Netball ACT. The funding provided through the ISGP is limited and as such, all applications will need to adhere strictly to the compliance criteria. Funding will continue to be available until exhausted. It is possible that not all requests for assistance will be approved, therefore funding should not be deemed automatic or anticipated.

Applicants of all ages are eligible to apply for funding through the ISGP, except for applicants of the Individual Representative Grant who must be 12 years or older. However applications for applicants aged 17 years or younger will need to be completed by the applicant’s parent or guardian.

Eligible – Individual Sports and Active Recreation Grant -Formal sports or active recreation competitions and programs of at least 6 weeks in duration.

Eligible – Individual Education and Training Grant – Education and training courses/workshops that relate directly to organised sport or active recreation

Eligible – Individual Representative Grant – Applicants must be participating as an athlete, coach, manager or official in: An official national championship endorsed by the relevant ASC recognised national sporting organization (NSO) or School Sport Australia (SSA); or An international competition as a member of an official Australian team endorsed by an ASC recognised NSO or SSA.

Types of Grants: three types of grants are available to eligible people:

Individual Sports and Active Recreation Grant
An individual can apply for up to $200 to support their participation in an organised sports or active recreation competition or program of at least 6 weeks in duration.

Individual Education and Training Grant
An individual can apply for up to $200 to support their participation in an education and training opportunity that relates directly to organised sport or active recreation.

Individual Representative Grant
An individual can apply for up to $200 to support their participation in a representative sporting opportunity.

Eligible Items

ISGP funding can cover only the following items:

  • Registration fees; and
  • Membership fees.

How to Apply

  1. Download and fill in ‘Indigenous-Funding-Reguest-Form-NACT-2021’ form (bottom of this page).
  2. You will then need to send this along with your proof of Aboriginality to your district to fill in the second half. Your district will then send both documents to Netball ACT on your behalf.
    1. Arawang Netball Association (arawangnetball@gmail.com)
    2. Belconnen Netball Association (belconnen.netball@gmail.com)
    3. Canberra Netball Association (canberrana@gmail.com)
    4. South Canberra Netball Association (scna.operations@gmail.com)
    5. Tuggeranong Netball Association (office@tuggeranongnetball.com.au)
  3. You will then be sent a MyNetball link to register online for free by your club/district. If your registration is over $200 you will need to speak with your club about how you will cover the additional fee.
  4. Netball ACT will then review your application and advise you and your district if you have been successful
  5. If you have already paid your registration, Netball ACT will be reimbursing your district who will reimburse your club. You will need to arrange payment options directly with your club.


Please note that funding is limited and will be distributed on a “first in, first served” basis, provided all funding guidelines have been met. Applications will only be considered that have been filled out correctly with appropriate supporting documents.