Netball ACT have partnered with Sporting Schools, to help deliver an exciting sporting experience for all students and teachers.

Sporting Schools was launched by the Australian Sports Commission to provide financial funding to schools to secure tailored programs from National sporting organisations.

The aim for the National program is to help children foster a lifelong interest in sport, all the while gaining a healthier mind and body, having fun in a safe and inclusive environment.

Netball ACT will be facilitating the implementation of the NetSetGO program based on the tiered developmental approach to fundamental netball skills for children from Kindergarten to Year 6.

‘Net’ Tier (Kindergarten – Grade 2) students will learn netball related fundamental motor skills with fun games, music and activities

‘Set’ Tier (Grades 3 – 4) students will take part in modified games and activities with a focus on fun and teamwork

‘GO’ Tier (Grades 5 – 6) is ideal for teachers that have inter-school teams that need assistance in coaching skills, teamwork and game tactics

1. Fun for all participants, regardless of ability and suitable for both girls and boys
2. A qualified and passionate coach to deliver the NetSetGO program
3. Administrative support
4. Flexible session times
5. Connectivity into the broader Netball ACT community including District Associations, gala days and school holiday clinics

1 (up to 30 participants)   		$760
2 (up to 60 participants)   		$970
3 (up to 90 participants)   		$1180
4 (up to 120 participants) 		$1390
5 (up to 150 participants) 		$1600
6 (up to 180 participants) 		$1810
7 (up to 210 participants) 		$2020
8 (up to 240 participants) 		$2230

NetSetGO Teacher delivered models (unlimited sessions) $350

NetSetGO Sporting Schools Equipment Cost $275 (additional to Program cost).

* All program costs fully covered by a Sporting Schools Grant. Based on 30 participants per session for a 4 week program (1 hour per week)

To book a NetSetGO Sporting Schools Session visit the Sporting Schools website

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact the Netball ACT Participation Coordinator - Lachie O'Sullivan