About The Capital Spirit

The Capital Spirit Franchise is managed by Netball ACT and provides a crucial step in the performance pathways to support athletes and coaches from the ACT and surrounding region.

The Capital Spirit was born from a snapshot of the rich history of Canberra.

Netball ACT looked within our region for recognisable components of our history and story as a community and settled on the iconic “Ethos” Statue. Created by Tom Bass, unveiled in 1961, the 4m tall statue is located on the northern public entrance of the ACT Legislative Assembly Building.         

Ethos is the characteristic spirit of a culture, era and community, manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

Our vision is to create a brand that resonates broadly within our community, that identifies independent of any other sporting body in the region and that has strong awareness and recognition.

The Ethos Poem 

I am Ethos. Though I do not speak with words, I speak to you in other ways. I say to you that. I am the spirit of this place and it’s people. I am the original spirit and the spirit of now. I rise from the earth and reach for the sun. I bring together the old and the new. In me there is no violence or war only peace and reconciliation. I am the love, peace and beauty of this place. I give you these things every day and always.