Return to Netball FAQS

From 9am on 02 December 2020 the ACT will enter Stage 4 for community sporting activity, allowing the re-activation of indoor sporting activities and venues, including gyms, while also increasing the allowable number of people to 500 people. This capacity excludes staff and officials but includes participants and spectators.

Netball ACT and the District Associations have been working closely to with the ACT Government to ensure all netball programs and clubs have a Return to Play in a COVID-Safe Environment Plan in place prior to the recommencement of netball activities. Please refer your local club and/or District Association for the guidelines specific to your club and local venue. 

As the ACT Government restrictions are eased, and they deem sport safe to return netball District Associations and Clubs/Schools will strictly follow the advice and guidelines provided from the ACT Government, Netball Australia and Netball ACT. Before any training can resume Clubs/Schools and District Associations must have in place an authorised  Return to Play in a COVID-Safe Environment Plan in place.  

The ACT Government require each individual sporting organisation (including peak body, individual clubs), activity providers and venues must develop a Return to Play in a COVID-safe Environment Plan prior to recommencing activity. 
To assist all clubs and District Associations to meet this requirement Netball ACT has developed a netball specific template. This template is to be completed by Clubs and returned to your District Association prior to the commencement of any netball activities. 

There are some great resources to help guide you with netball hygiene measures outlined in the Netball Australia and Netball ACT Return to Netball guidelines. We strongly recommend you review these documents and seek any clarification from your District Association. 

Netball ACT is working with the District Associations to provide hand sanitiser stations at all of the five key netball venues across the ACT. Whilst these supplies will be in place it is also strongly advised all teams, clubs and individuals also provide their own personal hand sanitiser. 

Under stage 4 restrictions the following guidelines apply to equipment use: 
- Sharing of equipment can occur but should be limited. 
- All equipment and netballs are to be sanitised both prior to and after training sessions.
- No sharing of whistles.
- Players to bring individual drink bottles and towels.

Yes, you can. Bibs are to be washed in warm water and detergent in between training sessions. 

No, but it should be clearly stated in information provided to participants and at the entry points that NO ONE should attend if they have a fever or any respiratory symptoms. It is important need to monitor the amount of people in the facility at any one time to ensure social distancing and adherence to ACT Government regulations.

Venues are now allowed a maximum of 500 people for each space. Please contact your local District for their current occupancy levels. 

Where spectators are attending, clear separation of spectators from participants, with physical distancing of no less than 1.5 metres maintained between spectators is recommended. 

They should NOT attend the venue. They should ring their local doctor (GP) or the COVID hotline to discuss whether they should be tested or need to attend for treatment.  

It's important to inform the Club Manager and advise the participant to seek medical attention and follow the Government protocols. You should not attend the venue/training and should contact your local doctor (GP) or ring the COVID hotline for advice and next steps. 

Our advice is that any person/s over the age of 70 or those that have underlying medical conditions may consider discussing their individual situation with their local doctor (GP) in relation to their safety in large groups. It is the individual's responsibility and choice to access this information to assist with decision making. We can help by adopting excellent social distancing and hygiene protocols to support all to be safe.