The Capital Spirit

Netball ACT (NACT) considers the Netball NSW Premier League (NNSWPL) a natural strategic initiative to strengthen the alignment, quality and delivery of high-performance players, coaches and officials to our sport from the ACT region.

NACT has a proven history of developing talent athletes who have successfully played in the NNSWPL competition across several seasons. The introduction of The Capital Spirit into the NNSWPL will seek to close a gap in the elite pathway allowing NACT to successfully deliver a strategic priority to the netball community.
The Capital Spirit was born from a snapshot of the rich history of Canberra. Looking within our region for recognisable components of our history and story as a community and settled on the iconic “Ethos” Status. Created by Tom Bass, unveiled in 1961, the 4m tall statue is located on the northern public entrance of the ACT Legislative Assembly Building.

Ethos is the characteristic spirit of a culture, era and community, manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

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